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Welcome to InQubuz


You will find amazing, exciting and beatiful places,

spots of wonder youŽd like to bring home with you.

To truly remember a place vividly is to Live.

You meet interresting people who tell you stories about the Truth, a Truth you never thought of, or were prepared for.

To see the Truth is to Live


You want to make people see what you have seen and share your experience, to see the wonders, hear the stories and see the Truth.

Experience is something we can share no matter who we are or where we come from. We might not have the same experiences but we have the possibility of sharing our experiences with anyone we choose.

Sharing is Living

To hunger for Life is not an obvious and natural quality in everyone. To make Life alive it needs, like everything else, nurturing.

Seeking ways to feel alive, to stay alive while seeking them, and to motivate others in Life, that is our Quest. That is InQubuz.

InQubuz - Live Your Dream






Jens Sommerfeld

Founder of InQubuz and world traveler with adventures and extreme sports as favourite activities. (read more...)