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Jens Sommerfeld

I try to live my life as active as possible. I like travelling and all the things that comes with it. Like waiting for a river boat for days to decide when to leave a little jungle village , or having a lucky streak in finding my way across the world effortlessly - which doesn't happen to often...

The way I choose to live my life is not for everyone - I don't have a family to take care of and I really don't think I am cast in that mold either.

I do, however, like to spend quality time with friends and family to enjoy the slow life in between work and different projects. I can't say I am a hardcore gamer but I've done my hours in front of the screen, mainly Battlefield productions.

I also have a job, in between my projects, which is @ sea as a seaman. It keeps me motivated to find new innovative ideas what to do when I sign off and it pays my bills on time...


Never forget the child in you because it is the greatest source of inspiration you possess.


It is the child within we need to remember to remember




Founder of InQubuz

Jens Sommerfeld


September 13 1967


Paragliding, Motorcycling, Cavediving

Skiing & Boarding

173 cm / 5' 10'

70 Kg