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Mediterranean Tour 2005


This was our first project of InQubuz that really gave me the idea on how to register my travel and adventure. Lasse & Myself were doing our thesis in the Master Mariner's program @ Chalmers in Gothenburg. We wanted to do something out of the ordinary, instead of writing the paper a.s.a.p. and then go out partying or something. We decided to make a journey while collecting material 4 our project. The subject we chose was also new in the sense that noone done anything on it B4 us.  This gave us the travel plan to execute. Around the Mediterranean Sea visiting six international merchant ports. Everything had to be done within eight weeks. We started out in the beginning of May 2005 and after 12 500 km on our bikes we came back to Gothenburg seven and a half weeks later just in time 4 the midsummer festivities. The winter 2006 arrived and the last year was comming to it's end. We finished writing our paper and put it up 4 review. And finally in the middle of 2007 we got our diploma. @last we didn't have to get back to school anymore.

All ten of these clips were done on our trip and made in 320 x 240 pixel size because we uploaded them during our trip. Due to restrictions on this web hotel I've been forced to put them up on YouTube. If you have any suggestions or ideas plz drop me a line:

Choose from this variety of clips to enjoy


    Road to Andorra

    First clip ever with all the shit that comes with it like errors, long sequences and stuff, but hey they will improve during the trip. This one was shot on our way up to Andorra from the French city of Carcasonne (which You can see more of in Views along the Way). Very nice scenery and fun.


    Views Along the Way

    Views Along the way was shot still on our way to Andorra but the latter part and also from France and Spain. It's just a little mix of the things we found along the way. The planning isn't quite adding up so far, we had to ditch the first of our interviews due to time mix up on their part of course... =)



    RoadKill is actually a clip made 4 having some fun and learning howI can use movie maker (yup this trip I didn't use anything else). It could be the correct speed if I would've had another kind of bike... really mine doesn't even do 120 km/h.



     The Day of the Monkeys

    Great day for some real sightseeing. Onward to Gibraltar a.k.a. the Rock 4 some monkey buziness...Really cool place with Irish pubs & fish n' chips. But the sweetest place was @ the top though together with our new friends...



    Inshallah Valley

    Morocco is a beatiful country with very helpful people...the only thing is that they want something in return even 4 directions...anyways we had a blast especially in Tanger where we stayed in a pretty good spot near the port. CousCous 4ever...



    Days of Fame

    Probably the luckiest streak on the whole trip. First we ran into Festival du Cannes w/o even  knowing about it, then GP Monacco which we had 2 see and finally one stage on Giro d'Italia...Wow what can one say but THX...




    Awesome roads on Corsica. We had the best time ever riding around these small narrow roads on the coast of the northern part of the island. Nice camping sites as well. A little too much bikers though to make it really a top notch experience, but hey who can blame them...



    Le Isole sotto il Sole

    A tribute to my very good friend and former collague and to his family. The Sanna's from Alghero which is in Sardegna, Italiy. Beatiful spot 4 cave diving and a very nice place in the summer with a beach over six km long to stroll around on.



    Greeced and Corfused

    Riding offroad on Corfu island is one of the coolest things I've done...well the coolest thing have to be climbing Mount Olympus on the main land...we didn't even plan it so there you go life is full of surprises...Met my friend Petri the Pilot and "took him out" 4 a few drinks (he was really out) ROFL...


    The Home Run

    The last part of our amazing roadtrip took us not only to a bike meet bigger than any I've been to B4. It also made us believe in old myths and sagas again when we stumbled on to the old Castle of Count Dracula muuuuhhahahah... that was really not as cool as it sounds but hey been there, done that...



    Adventure is the search for the soul. Even if you never find it, the search for it will take you closer and closer every time you try...

    Crew in Morocco



    Jens Sommerfeld



    600 ccm



    Lasse Kärvedal



    900 ccm



    The Cagiva 900 Elefant is a beauty when it comes to riding longer trips. It's stabil and can carry a lot of weight. The 900  ccm engine makes it as strong in the steep hills as on the freeways. The only thing that could be mentioned though is that it cost a lot of dow if it needs repairs. We didn't need to do more than a couple of things to it so we were allright.

    All in all it's a good bike for travelling if you want to go off now and again. But it has it's disadvantages if you want to play around with it. It is very heavy.

    The Honda Transalp is a good beginners bike for offroad and smaller dirt roads. However for taking it on a long trip like we did it takes a lot of packing which the Transalp really can't handle well. It needs more power and above all better stability. Nevertheless it came thru without any bigger problem as we went along on both highways and barebly rideble dirt tracks.

    For my next long journey on a bike I will definetly take on a bigger bike like the Africa Twin which has 150 ccm and about 10-15 hp more than it's little sister.